Nourish. Cultivate. Balance Your Body

Chi Kung Massage is for all; women, men, couples, pairs, gender variances and sexual orientations and lifestyles.

Chi Kung Massage is an ancient Daoist(Taoist) 4,000 year + unique healing modality that targets the muscles and energy body simultaneously, allowing for a more natural healing process.  This is a full body healing massage which is known to support the body’s restorative ability so it can function at its optimal level by nourishing and cultivating, blood flow, circulation and  life force energy(chi)

If our energy systems are disrupted or blocked we are less able to cope, we feel stressed, our finances deteriorate and our relationships suffer.  Over a prolonged period this leads to ill health; you experience emotional and  psychological ailments, low libido, physical pain, challenges in connecting and loss of fulfillment.

By unlocking your energy system we can access all levels of the body; achieving a more holistic healing with long lasting benefits. You will  learn to be more connected to your breath in a deep relaxed state, rejuvenate your body, release trauma, relieve physical tension and create more orgasmic awareness.



Healing From Within.
Nourish. Cultivate. Balance Your Body Today!   


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